Does your child have difficulty completing schoolwork or getting it done in a timely manner? Or maybe the work gets done, but doesn't get turned in?

Perhaps your kid functions pretty well, but it takes a lot of behind the scenes work by you, like keeping track of when assignments are due or making sure things get done.

Wondering how your teenager is going to function in college without you?

​​If I just described your child, ADHD coaching or educational therapy may provide the support your child needs. As a licensed psychologist and an ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider I can help your child develop or improve organizational skills, study skills, time management, goal setting, and problem solving. I also work on reading comprehension and writing skills. Parents can rest easy knowing I am qualified to recognize and address conditions that often co-exist with ADHD (anxiety, depression, etc.).

Through the coaching process, your child will develop skills and learn strategies that enable him/her to be increasingly self sufficient. The goal is for your student to be in control of his/her school work, and not the other way around. I work with students elementary through college age with ADHD and learning disorders. I provide both remote and in-person services.



I also provide comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, including learning disorder and ADHD testing for elementary through college. Being a mother of a child with learning differences, I have sat "on the other side of the table" countless times. My experiences have led me to create a more family-friendly assessment experience for my clients. I conduct the entire evaluation (you or your child will not meet with different providers for interviews and/or testing). Your child's report will be readable, written in clear and easy to understand language with limited technical jargon. My reports are completed within two weeks of testing, so that recommendations can be implemented in a timely manner. In addition to a parent feedback session, I provide separate feedback sessions for students to explain their unique learning profile in age-appropriate terms, and how any deficits or disorders can be overcome.

Perhaps most importantly, my psychoeducational evaluations go beyond simple diagnosis and labels to explain to parents WHY their child is struggling and WHAT to do about it. When parents have their questions answered and a clear plan for how to proceed, they feel more confident and better equipped to handle their child's learning and/or attention issues. Parents go from being overwhelmed to feeling on top of things because they are getting their child the help he/she needs to thrive.



Let's talk (615-587-1425) and see if any of my services can be of help to you and your child.

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As a mother of a child with learning differences, I have a passion for coming alongside different learners and helping them find a way to succeed and "show what they know."

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