Serving the greater Nashville area, including Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, Oak Hill, Green Hills, Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Bellevue, Fairview, as well as the entire state of Tennessee via Teletherapy.

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As a mother of a child with learning differences, I have a passion for coming alongside different learners and helping them find a way to access curriculum and "show what they know." Teaching a student how to learn, restores self-confidence, and leads to increased independence.

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Is your child or adolescent struggling in school?

Having trouble focusing or paying attention?

Having difficulty completing schoolwork or completing work in a timely manner?

Maybe the work gets done, but it doesn't get turned in?

Is your child unable to work independently?

Are things like organization, time management, or keeping track of his belongings a nightmare?

Does she study hard, yet her grades don't reflect all the effort?

If I just described your child, ADHD Coaching or Educational Therapy may provide the support and guidance your family needs. I work with children and adolescents with ADHD and learning disorders (dyslexia & dysgraphia) in the greater Nashville area, as well as Tennessee at large, through video teletherapy in the convenience of your own home, on a HIPPA compliant platform. If you feel your child is capable of so much more--that something is blocking him, but you don't know how to help--please call me. I will address whatever is interfering with your child reaching her potential and together we will develop creative solutions that work for your child.